Betty’s Friends

Epic Acre Farm ~ Sending us delicious, local, organic tomatoes, seasonally, for over 7 years. Thank you Wayne:)

Patriot Farm~ Providing us with local, organic produce every week. Yum! Thank you Ansel!

Primordia Mushrooms~ We don’t have mushroom for anything but the best. Thank you Matt & Jesse for the delicious, local, organic mushrooms!

Straight Edge Media ~ Thank you to Alex at Straight Edge Media for all the great photos! Game changer.

Ten Thousand Flowers Project ~ Tim’s vision and concept for the community mural is truly remarkable. We are so lucky to be a part of it.

Kutztown Community Partnership~ Helping our community thrive.

Kutztown Thriving~ Thank you Kutztown thriving, for finding Tim Gibson and bringing the community mural to our town. Thanks too for the beautiful native plant garden!

Pure Wild Teas ~Locally brewed, super good.

Renewal Kombucha~ Locally brewed, refreshing, yummy.

Kutzown Bottling Works ~ Locally crafted sodas.

Friend Inc~ Helping our neighbors every day.